MS 2286:2012 (ISO 15874:2013)

Pipes made of PP-R are the new standard in piping systems because of the material's impressive list of advantages. PP-R pipes are one of the longest lasting and most chemically inert piping materials in the world. They are resistant to corrosion, chemically safe, sustainable, reliable and are able to withstand both hot and cold water.
They are also environmentally friendly and great for eco-friendly or sustainable projects. A study focusing on the ecological footprint of various piping materials found that PP-R pipes emit less carbon dioxide.
PP-R is a hydrophobic material, which means it will not interact with water, hence extending its lifespan. PP-R pipes are resistant to erosion even in slurry applications and will not leach, wear out or clog up after years of service. It is even resistant to hard water.

CS's PP-R pipes are highly recommended for use in luxury developments such as elite residential areas and hotels because of its natural insulation properties that reduce and dampen noise created by water flow and the water hammering effect, ensuring a quiet environment for residents. Our PP-R pipes also come in a wide range and can withstand water temperatures of up to 70°C, short term peak temperature up to 95°C and a service life of minimum 50 years. Details are summarized in Table 1, pg 8. They are also odourless and tasteless, making them safe for the transportation of drinking water and can endure impact and bending stresses.


Our system comply with ISO 15874 and MS 2286 and it is applicable for two service conditions, which is Class 1 and Class 2.

The above table illustrates the classification of service conditions and the performance requirements for piping systems
conforming to ISO 15874 and MS 2286. Both standards define typical application classes as:

♦ Class 1 (supply of 60°C hot water, 50 years' service life)
♦ Class 2 (supply of 70°C hot water, 50 years' service life)

According to the standards, the maximum design pressure system is divided into four category which is 4 bar, 6 bar, 8 bar on 10 bar. This information is indicated to each pipe in the following format.

Example: CS PP-R PN 10 (Blue Stripe)

Class 1/6 bar, Class 2/4 bar indicates that the pipe is intended for use:

♦ in 60°C hot water installation with 6 bar service pressure and 50 years' service life (class 1/6 bar)
♦ in 70°C hot water installation with 4 bar service pressure and 50 years' service life (class 2/4 bar)

The table below explains on the design pressure Po rating to S series of PP-R pipes for hot water application.
Moreover, the tables also illustrates on the PN rating to S series of PP-R pipe for cold water application.
CSPP-R Pipe indicated with red stripes is for hot water application while blue stripes is for cold water application.

Pipe series and their design pressure for each application:
S 5.0/ SDR 11.0 (PN 10) class 1/6 bar class 2/4 bar
S 3.2 / SDR 7.4 (PN 16) class 1/8 bar class 2/6 bar
S 2.5 / SDR 6.0 (PN 20) class 1/10 bar class 2/8 bar