CS's Welding Machines offer a simple, leak-free and secure method to fusion joint 2 lengths of PP-R pipes together. They are conveniently sized so you can use them at home. Each machine comes with easy to understand instructions. The heating, welding and cooling times for pipes differs depending on their size. A comprehensive and easy to understand chart is attached below for your reference. CS's welding machines are suitable for use on pipes between 20mm and 110mm in size. For pipes above 110mm, please use a Butt Fusion Machine.



The table below provides the necessary information for a good welding joint for various CS Pipe and fitting sizes.

Note: Heating time starts when both pipe and fitting are pushed into correct depth. Welding time begins when joints are connected. Cooling time is the time taken for the joint to be completely cured. Never reduce cooling time by pouring water by other means.