MS 628-2: 2014

A PVC-U Bell End Rubbering Joint pressure pipe is ideal for the transportation of water over long distances. It has a high endurance to chemical pollutants and is safe to carry water for human consumption.
CS provides convenience to our customers by providing bell end pipes complete with rubbering joints for quick and easy installation. The belled-out design of these pipes paired with the rubbering joint ensures a snug and leak-free fit with the next length of pipe, without the need for a coupling. This means you can save time and costs for piping projects, especially those that span long lengths.
CS's Bell End Rubbering Joint pipes undergo meticulous and rigorous testing as according to the local MS 628 standard, which requires pipes to have a Minimum Required Strength (MRS) of 25 MPa (250 bars) at 20°C for 50 years.


♦ Environmentally friendly, lead-free option available
♦ Quick, easy, leak-free installation with simple locking method
♦ Safe for the transportation of drinking water
♦ Versatile and able to handle high pressures
♦ Durable and resistant to chemical and abrasion corrosion
♦ Low maintenance as it will not fade, wrap, rot or rust
♦ Save time with easy installation