BS 3506

CS's PVC-U Class 7 pipes are the top-of-the-range pick when it comes to heavy
duty internal plumbing applications. It is considered the thickest home-use
pipes and are extremely durable, reliable, long-lasting and can withstand water
temperatures of up to 60°C and handle up to 2.2 MPa (22 bars) of pressure.
These pipes are ideal for luxury housing projects because of its superior noise
dampening effects and resistance to rust, rot and wrapping. Class 7 pipes are
also the top choice for eco-conscious customers because of its lead-free,
environmentally friendly formulation.
CS's Class 7 pipes are available in sizes from 15mm to 50mm and adheres to the
BS 3506 and ASTM D1785 standards. It is also equivalent to the American
Schedule 80.


♦ Lead-free and environmentally friendly
♦ Ideal for high pressure application
♦ Highly recommended for luxury housing projects
♦ Superior noise dampening effects (water hammer)
♦ No rusty water issue thanks to high corrosion resistance
♦ Extremely durable with long lifespan
♦ Rigorously tested according to local and international standards
♦ Able to withstand temperatures of up to 60°C
♦ Light weight and easy to handle, transport and install
♦ Low maintenance with strong chemical and abrasion resistance