MS 628-2: 2014

The plain end is the standard end type for pipes and is the most common type of PVC-U pipe in the market. It is tasteless, odourless and safe for the transportation of drinking water for human consumption as well as agricultural use.
CS's Plain End Pressure Pipes undergo rigorous testing as according to the local MS 628 standard and international BS EN ISO 1452:2009. The standards dictate the pipes have a Minimum Required Strength (MRS) of 25 MPa (250 bars) at 20°C for 50 years. This pipe is joined with solvent cement.


♦ Safe for the transportation of drinking water
♦ Environmentally friendly, lead-free option available
♦ Rigorously tested according to local and international standards
♦ Versatile and able to withstand high pressures
♦ Durable and resistant to chemical and abrasion corrosion
♦ Low maintenance as it will not fade, wrap, rot or rust
♦ Save time with easy installation
♦ Simple, secure and cost-effective jointing with solvent cement